Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Planning A 1st Birthday Party, Already?!?!

Can you believe I've already started planning Jack's 1st Birthday Party?!?!

It's amazing to me that this year has just flown by. I've heard the saying "The days are long but the years are short" and that could not be more true. My little newborn baby is going to be a year old. Last year at this time my baby bump was still adorably cute and I could feel him moving around late in the evening. This was around the time I stopped sleeping through the night so I started watching Hallmark Channel's non stop Christmas movies  at 3,4, and 5 am. They do start on Halloween night! It's all just happening so fast. I'm so worried that It has been such an amazing year watching my little boy grown and learn. 

I'm so excited to be planning 
Jack Frost's Winter "One"derland Birthday Party. 
Well, because turning 1 is SNOW much fun! 
I'm currently looking for a place to have it. I'm thinking we will have about 75 people attending and we have several kiddies coming so I want enough room for activities and running around. Thank goodness for Pinterest because I've already got some really great ideas! Too bad I'll be going into the poor house. Too many great ideas for one momma to handle. 

Now all I have to do is plan out his gifts. I'm thinking a Radio Flyer Wagon, Pottery Barn Anywhere Chair, Tricycle?!?! 

Any gift ideas for a first birthday gift?




What do you think?

I'm usually not a fan of winter or snow but I can't deny that snowmen, polar bears and penguins (I know they live on different continents) are just too sweet! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

S Word That Suck

SHINGLES, yep, that is an S word that sucks as does the STRESS that causes the Shingles. If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw I was diagnosed with Shingles on Thursday. I have been feeling sick for over 2 weeks with a stomach ache and all around exhaustion. I thought that I was j. I was just fighting off some sort of virus. I also thought I was run down. My doctor told me I have too much physical and emotion stress in my life to cause the virus. I would have to agree because I feel physically exhausted often. Jack doesn't sleep and I take almost all of the night shifts in our house. Working a full time job and staying up almost all night has taken a toll on me. I'm also feeling emotionally stressed too. I've complained about the stress of my job before and it hasn't gotten better. Stuff at home isn't great either. Our marriage is sometimes really hard work and it has been exhausting fighting for it to work along with everything else.

It's been a tough few days because I'm fighting off this virus and my ear, neck, shoulder and arm are covered in a painful rash. It's even in my throat and inside of my ear making me really dizzy too. For the first few days I was unable to go near Jack and he still can't go anywhere near my rash. It's been nearly impossible so I have just been wearing over sized hoodies with the hood up kinda like the Unabomber. I'm also on chicken pox watch on Jack too because I could have infected him before I knew I was even sick. I haven't been able to breastfeed him at all either. I've been pumping which upsets him causing a whiney little man. In addition to all the pain from the rashes I'm really exhausted.  Why can't I just lose weight like most people when they are stressed? Nope, not me I get a painful viral infection.

I'm having a little pity party for myself but I'm hoping to feel better soon so I can catch up on all the fun fall activities that I'm excited to spend with Jack.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hey Friday

Happy Friday all..


So, I have Shingles. Yep, f*cking shingles. I can't express how terrible it feels. I woke up Wednesday with a terrible earache but the ear itself hurt too. On Thursday I woke up with terrible pains from my ear, down to my collarbone and my shoulder. A few minutes after I got out of the shower I noticed a rash on my neck. My mom had shingles so I remembered what it was like when she had it. I got into the doctor last night and my thoughts were founded. It sucks so much. I am in agonizing pain. This pain is no joke. I can't work. I can't touch Jack and if I have too I can't touch him with my right side. I also can't nurse him and I'm even afraid to pump and give him milk with the medications in my system. The doctor told me that shingles feeds on physical and emotional stress. I swear with Jack not sleeping my body is just a mess.


We celebrated Jack's Baptism last weekend and it was beautiful. Jack was a real charmer as he usually is. He just looked so sweet.


I have ben pretty disappointed with 2 of my favorite shows. First off, Revenge, anyone else think its just getting so far fetched?  Next, American Horror Story, I'm just not feeling it. That freaky clown too. I'm hoping the both get better.


My baby boy is 9 months old. That means the stress of a big birthday bash is lingering. I'm going with a "Jack Frost" theme. Lots of snowmen, snowflakes, hot coco and all our favorite people!



We are FINALLY going to the pumpkin patch Sunday as long as I feel better. It's Jack's 1st time and I'm really looking forward to the hayrides and all the fall fun.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Baby Jack- 9 Months Old

Weight and Height- 
Last appointment he was 17.8 and that was a couple of weeks ago. Ugh, grow Jack, GROW!!! He is 27 inches long. He eats well but just doesn't gain weight as well. He is the only one in the house, lol. 

Jack is doing AMAZING. A few weeks ago I posted about his awesome test results. He may never suffer the extreme effects of his Cystic Fibrosis. We feel like we can take a deep breath! Finally. We will continue his treatments and continue to visit his specialists. 

Jack is killing me! He doesn't sleep. He has started waking up at least 4 times a night. I don't know why. Nothing has changes. I'm in misery most days. We have tried everything since 6 months. He used to sleep so well but not anymore. I have put him in our room in the pack and play and that worked for 2 nights. We used to put him in our bed and now that doesn't even work. Sleep Jack, SLEEP! 

Jack has become very aware of his surroundings. He will cry when he doesn't see his mom or dad. He will cry going to most people besides us, his grandmas and my dad. He screams his face off at my father in law and my brother. Jack will cry in the car like some one is hurting him. He will cry if I don't feed him fast enough. 

It's such a beautiful. blonde color. 

A gray Blue!

Jack is wearing 6 months. He also fits into some 9 month stuff but most of it is still big. 

Jack is doing great with his feedings. Jack eats most pureed but we've been feeding him small bites too. He is doing well but I'm still nervous about the real food. 


Most days start at 5am. We begin with this treatments and follow that up with a feeding. He stays with my mother in law and his older cousin each day. He has a built in big brother and they have a blast together. Our nights usually contain of eating together when I get home from work. We give him a bath, we play, he nurses and another treatment after he has fallen asleep.  

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. He is such a flirt its crazy! He smiles at any one who pays attention to him. He loves watching older kids play. He squeals with excitement when he sees kids or dogs. He's started talking too. He says Mama, Dada, dar-dar (we think he means dog because he only says it chasing the dog.) He will say "Hi da" when Brian comes home from work. Jack reacts to people he is familiar with and its usually a huge smile. He is now interested in his cousins and smiles at them when they play. 

-Jack is getting Baptized on Sunday and we are having a small family party.
- Jacks' been crawling for a little over a month.
- Standing and pulling up like a big boy.
-Walking with his push carts
- Giving high fives

- Responding to his name and the word no.  

Puffs- he is obsessed.
Crawling like a mad man
He LOVES being in the water to take baths especially in his big boy bath seat.
Jack love dogs. He gets so excited when he sees any dog. 
 He is very flirtatious. 
Jack loves to imitate others. He will cough and giggle when he hears others. 
He is obsessed with phones, iPads and remote controls. 
Jack has started paying attention to more of his toys. He likes anything that plays music and he LOVES his Lightning McQueen ride on toy from grandma. 
His talking Daniel Tiger stuffed animal is his favorite.
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He always smiles at mommy and laughs when daddy makes funny faces. 
Cartoons especially Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

Laying down for diaper changes

Car rides
Being told no
Being away from his mom and dad

This mom is tired. I feel like I haven't slept in so long.. I'm happy. I just love being a mommy! I still have working mommy guilt but it has gotten a little better. It still sucks! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Oh Hey Friday

Oh Friday, it's nice to see you again. Take your time just like I hope this weekend does too!

How cute is this photo?!?!? Jack did a fall mini session 2 weeks ago. He was up the night before with a raging fever so I was surprised he even smiled. One dose of Tylenol and he was fine, thankfully. I think its teeth but you never know. 

Jack's Baptism and party are Sunday. I've been running around all week. Today and tomorrow we will be preparing and cooking. I'm looking forward to seeing Jack with all our families on Sunday. The strange thing about this party is I'm really not that into it. I've always loved partying and decorating for parties but things are definitely different since Jack came along. I'be been so low key about this party. It will be a very easy going afternoon. I'll save all my love of party planning for his 1st birthday, which is fast approaching!

I had Brian return our broken Keurig to Bed Bath and Beyond. He came home with the Keurig 2.0. This thing is pretty awesome. He is super excited because there are about 1,000 settings and I'm just hoping to get a good cup of coffee out of it. I'm bummed because the My K Cup I have doesn't fit into it. I'm hoping to find something similar for this one.

Monday marks the 6th anniversary of Brian and my first date. In so many ways it feels like only yesterday and in others I can't believe it's been 6 years, a house, a wedding and baby later! This was one of our first photos together. It was taken on Halloween 2008. I met all of Brian's friends for the first time this night. I also dropped the beer I'm holding all over the floor. His friend had an electrical outlet in the floor so I shorted out the electricity that night. Great first impression. I always get clumsy when I get nervous.

So can we talk American Horror Story!?!?!?! WHAT THE FAAAA???? I have been a loyal viewer since the first season but that clown!!! What is up with that clown! I swear I'm not going to be able to watch and not have nightmares! Holy hell I was scared to death!

Monday, October 6, 2014

6 Years

I've written many times that Brian and I met in an apple orchard. We were engaged in that same orchard 4 years ago. Each year we go back and it has become our little family tradition. It is even more special that we get to share this tradition with our son.

It's crazy to see how much we have changed since we first met back in 2008. Although I don't have any photos from the first time we went to the orchard together I can remember everything vividly! The first date jitters, how I felt, what I wore; it feels like only yesterday!


This year was a little different as you can imagine. Carrying a baby around the orchard was fun but it was difficult for both of us to pick apples so bringing did most of the carrying and I did most of the picking. We hung out in the orchard and watch Jack eat his very first apple. He loved it as I would have thought. This year we did do our annual wine tasting and bought some amazing Naked Flock Pumpkin Cider. AMAZING!




Look at the bling. 
Just after he asked me to be his wife.


What are some fall family traditions your family celebrate?

Any ideas for the $28 worth of apples I bought!?!?!?
I currently have a apple crumb pie baking in the oven! 
The house smells amazing. 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

To Do It All Over

I've been pretty down and out about working since my maternity leave ended in April. Just the thought of it gets me down. Most days when I'm at work I sit and do nothing but think of all the great things I could be doing at home with Jack. I've been thinking a lot about my choices and if I could do it all over again what would I have chosen as a career option. 

I find myself thinking of my dream job. It may sound silly but I've always had a dream of opening up a little coffee shop in a small town. I wouldn't want it to be any old coffee stop though. I would want it to feel cozy; nothing fancy, like a home away from home. It would be a place where you can recharge with a great coffee and a book. It would be a place where everyone was a "regular" and it was the place to be. It would be a comfortable little place where the commuters would stop for a little morning motivation with their fresh baked muffins and quick coffee before the morning grind.The spot where high school kids would sneak out to grab a quick coffee and lunch but also a cozy little spot for families to grab dinner as they listen to local musicians play at open mic night. 

I dream the place be filled with lots of delicious coffee flavors like graham cracker and pumpkin spice, not just in the fall but all year round. I wouldn't ignore the tea drinkers though. I'd want to bag all of our own teas. Oh and the food; mornings would be filled with tasty muffins, filled popovers, fresh butter croissants (all of which I'd have to learn to make!) Lunch and dinner specials made with local ingredients. Let me not forget about deserts, cakes and pie that sit on little cake plates on the counter just tempted all the customers as they come in. 

Is it silly I even think of the decor to this little dream cafe??? I dream of simple decor, like exposed brick and beams with big chalkboards filled with a menu of goodies. I'd like local artists to show their work all over the walls. There would have to be comfy seating, rocking chair as well as tables. Outdoor seating would be a must with a fire pit for the chilly evenings to go along with a s'mores bar? I'd offer blankets to costumers that were a little chilly.

I'd name my little dream cafe, The Apple Tree Cafe because so many of my happiest memories just so happen to begin under an apple tree.

My husband always makes fun of me because cafes and food service jobs are always 24-7 and they never stop. Which I know and understand but I'll continue to live in my little cafe dream world, kinda like Karen's Cafe in One Tree Hill. She made it work, right?!?! Kidding 

Isn't it nice to dream? 
What would be your dream job?

Monday, September 29, 2014

Hospital Tests and Family Day

Last week I mentioned receiving such great test results from Jack's most recent tests. We are all so thrilled and so thankful for all the amazing, supportive comments. I didn't however mention the day of his testing and our experience.

Our first experience back when Jack was only 2 weeks old was rough. We were stuck in the hospital in the middle of a blizzard. We sat and waited 4 hours after we had made an appointment. We were surrounded by very sick children and I cried for my family and them the entire time we were there. It was awful.

This time around the experience was completely different and so much better. I made the first appointment of the day and I made it on the 1st day of school in hopes it wouldn't be crowded. The traffic situation during rush hour was awful but getting in when we did with out a wait was so worth it. We had the most amazing staff working with us. Because we were the only people their she let us stay in the testing room instead of the weighting room. I was able to nurse Jack in privacy when he was hungry.  The sweat test takes a while and has several steps. Jack did awesome through it all. He also rocked his chest x-rays and getting his blood taken. He's such a little champ. We were done in less than 2 hours and we all left happy. 

 I knew after Jack's tests I wanted to have a family day and fill it with something Jack would enjoy. He deserved it! We took him to Bergen County Zoological Park and Van Saun Park. I had never been there before and was pleasantly surprised at how fantastic this place was! The little zoo was perfect and the park with a splash pad was a pleasant surprise.