Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Baby's 1st Easter

Has everyone recovered from their Easter hangover? We are getting there! Our Easter Sunday was lovely. I hope all of you enjoyed as much as we did. I must admit most things are more fun when you add kids (and puppies in my opinion) This weekend was no exception. 

We started our Easter bright and early. I can't say 5 am was really all that bright though. It was still pretty dark. No egg hunt this year for us but there was a little basket left by the Bunny himself. This year the bunny was very practical. Considering Jack wants for nothing this mommy tried to get things he could use. 

Inside Jack's basket you will find: 
Babyganics bug spray and sunscreen- $12
Easter bib- $4
Sassy Guitar music toy- $4 (clearance)
3 Pacifier Clips- $5 each
Baby To Go Wipes- $2
Brown Bear Brown Bear Book- $6.50
The Crown on Your Head Book- $7
Fisher Price Monkey Book- $1

Although I went practical I still spent over $50

Happy boy with his Easter goodies. 

After opening our goodies we surprised my in laws with a quick trip to their house. We had originally  told them we wouldn't be able to spend the day with both families. They were thrilled. My mother in law even cried she was so excited. 

What Jack Wore:
Shirt and Dockers- Carters
Hat- Old Navy
Shoes- Hand me down from his cousins 

After we stopped at my in laws we met up with my family and enjoyed a very relaxing holiday.  

Outfit change- 
Onsie- Target
Hat- Made by Grandma

We ended the night with a sleep over at my parents. Grandma and Poppy spoiled Jack with baskets (yes hat would be 3) full of goodies. They filled his baskets with formula, rice cereal, diapers, bubbles, dvds, teethers, bubbles, sand pail and shovel. He is a spoiled little boy! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Post Baby Wardrobe

Now that I'm back to work I really can't justify leggings or yoga pants like I could when I was home for the last 3 months.  Getting dressed in the mornings has not been easy or fun lately. I can't fit into anything and it downright sucks.  I literally have a handful of items that fit over my mega hips and my NatGeo boobs. I'm really trying hard to dress myself up but its not an easy task. When all that fits are a few black t shirts (short sleeve, long sleeve and 3/4 length), 3 jeans (2 ankle and 1 bootcut) and a few open front sweaters none of which button up. I tend to stick to dark colors and with the spring coming I can't bare to wear all these dark colors. The only thing I have done to brighten up my wardrobe is add scarves to every dull outfit. My very full, slightly overloaded and colorful closet needs some attention.

I want more than anything to diet and work out hard core but I'm so afraid it will effect my milk production. I was hoping that the constant pumping would help me drop the pounds but it has not been easy.

For now I'll just fantasize about adorable outfits like these.

Untitled #345

Nude & Mint

romantic casual


Spring by lagu featuring studded flat shoes

Spring Mint & Coral


Gold & Orange

With all that being said my Jack is worth each and every extra pound. I'd rather have him in my arms any day than any fancy outfit! 

Any advice from mommy land on how to how to lose the pounds with out depleting your milk supply or how to dress up a very boring and dark wardrobe?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Oh hey,

What have you all been up to? I've been a bad blogger and blog reader. I've been trying to be a good momma and attempting to get a good system in order now I'm back to work. It's been a little difficult but we are trying.

So a little catching up...

- I'm back to work and it's been ok. I swear I have lost every password and can't remember much else. My boss and coworkers were wonderful while I was away.

- The weather was finally nice this past weekend. We took full advantage. We had a nice long walk with our friends.

- My little man has finally, after 3+ months has decided to nurse. We had a horrible time with breast feeding. After a while I gave up. I couldn't take the screaming or the discomfort any longer so went to  pumping. He amazed me the other day when I was pumping and he began fussing. I took a chance and he did wonderful. I hope it keeps up but I'm hurting.

- I have created a team in honor of my little Jack for a Cystic Fibrosis Great Strides walk. We already have 13 members and hoping for more. We are raising money too. I very rarely ask things but if you have any interest in supporting our team, Super Jack we would appreciate it greatly. Click HERE to see our team page.

- We finally got Jack into his Bumbo. He seems to like it. I can't believe this little boy is getting so big already.

- Mommy is finally going to take care of herself. I'm getting my hair done this weekend. I think I want a nice change. I need something different. I haven't gotten my hair done since October! Ridiculous right?!?!?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Jack - 3 Months (Already!?!?)

I can't believe Jack is already 3 months old. Jack changes everyday. I can't believe I lived so long with out him in my life. He makes everyday better. He makes everyday happier. He is the light of my life.

Weight and Height- 
At Jack's last appointment he weighed 11 pounds 13 ounces.  I'm sure he is more now. We have increased his food intake to 5 ounces every 2-3 hours.  I have noticed he has started to slow down and he's not sucking them down like he did the last few weeks. His doctors, especially his nutritionist was thrilled he has gained so well! Jack is also 22.75 inches long!

Jack continues to go back to his group of specialists. They are wonderful. We are lucky to have such an excellent children's hospital so close! We continue his nebulizer and percussion therapies 21 times a day. Jack seems to be handling it better which means so am I.  When he would scream through them I would have a break down each time. It's a much calmer routine these days. We are all feeling grateful and relieved! He has a slight cold. He started coughing a few weeks back and it scared me to death. With his CF we have to be extra careful. We rushed him to his pulmonologist who checked his lungs. Thankfully they were clear and he is slightly congested. 

Jack is a great sleeper. He always has been. We have to wake him up every 4 hours He isn't pleased and usually falls asleep through his feeding so I have to tickle his toes to keep him awake. 

Jack barely cries. The occasional air bubble or treatment make him cry out but that is it! He is such a happy little boy. He doesn't even cry when he wakes up in the morning! Most mornings he's shaking his legs and smiling away! 

I swear it changes every day. His eyebrows and hair have a hint of strawberry blonde. It almost looks red but not really, if that makes sense. He definitely isn't the dark Italian baby like his daddy. 

Blue, blue, blue! 

Jack is wearing 3 months. He still fits in most 0-3 as well. My sister in law just sent over 2 more storage bags FULL of clothes! His little drawers are full. Plus his mommy has a Carter's addition. I can't keep my hands off little rompers for the summer!!! 

Breast milk and I've had to supplement with some formula. I hate that but I'm just not pumping enough for him.  I'm taking Fenugreek and drinking Mother's Milk tea in hopes of increasing. Jack's nutritionist is glad I've started to supplement. I actually pump more now that the stress is off. It's been tough going back to work but I've been strict about locking myself in my office to pump every 2 hours. I get a ton of work done during that time too. No interruptions! 

We have one down. Most days start at 4am. We begin with a bottle, wait an hour and do his treatment. He usually falls asleep after his 8am bottle and again in the late afternoon. 

He is so incredibly happy and friendly. Jack reacts to me so very well! Every time I speak to him he smiles. He has become more trusting of me, his dad and his grandparents. He goes to anyone and enjoys being held by every one. 

Bath time although he has been pushing himself into the deeper part of the bath. He loves being almost completely submerged! 
Music- We all love the Frozen station on I tunes Radio. He still like when I sing to him. 
Family- He loves his grandmas and grandpas. He spends each day with older cousins, 1 and 4 years old. 
Bouncy seat- We got everything plus more at our shower but this little guy loves this $3 find from a yard sale. We burn out batteries like nobody's business. 

Getting his boogers sucked out. 

I'm getting back to work and it's tough. I think I'm getting there. I'm surprised at how much better I'm doing this week. I hate being away from my little man but I like the routine of getting out of the house. Showers each day are a good thing! I'm so used to less than 5 hours of sleep I'm feeling good. I'm hoping getting back to work will help mr loss some weight. Sitting on the couch for 3 months only made things harder. 

Jack holds his head up so well. He focuses really well on items and familiar voices. He even giggled for the first time the other night. He was out cold but it was awesome. His eyes are so bright and inquisitive I can't imagine all the great things he is learning and processing. 

Chicken Nugget, Stinky Doodle, Bug, Noodle, Jack Frost, Hungry Jack, Jack Attack

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Survived

I made it through my my first day back. It wasn't pretty. In fact it was ugly, really ugly. You know that hideous ugly cry look? That was me! Thankfully, I got it all out of my system at home and during the drive in. 

I could have made it through without so much positive support from everyone in my life; friends, family and so many sweet comments and messages here, Facebook and Instagram! I kept going back and looking at them at work. I was so busy at work I barely had time to think!

My mom sent flowers, from Jack of course.

The note reads "Dear Mommy, I know you are worried about me but I'll be just fine.  I love you Mommy. Love Jack"  

And the best part of my day was coming home to snuggle this little dude. He had a great day with his grandma and his little cold is getting better! Our cuddles were extra long and extra sweet!

Oh and I'm exhausted! How do you ladies do it?

Thank you all again for the support!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Back To Work and Full of Tears

Oh, how I've dreaded this day, probably since finding out we were having a baby last April.  As I type this my little guy is out cold on my chest and my tears soak his tiny head. I'm using his burp cloth as a tissue. I've been crying almost non stop since Friday.  Not just tears either.  I'm talking full on, ugly cry. I've tried to take in every moment a little bit more as my maternity leave comes to an end. I know so many women have done it before me and so many will do it after me nut I'm not handling this well at all.  It's so hard being a mommy whether you work inside the home or out.  It just seems so unnatural leave your baby.

Jack is such an angel.  We haven't been separated for more than 2 hours since he was born.  I know so many women have told me to enjoy the time apart or see it as a break but I haven't needed a break. I just think its so unfair. I go off to work taking care of other people children while some one else has to watch my boy.

My job has been kind enough to start me off this week part time.  My schedule will also go down to 32 hours.  We are making adjustments with our spending habits and the cut will be difficult but we will make it work.  This extra day will leave a day open for all of Jack's medical appointments. We are happy to report that although he has his first cold he is doing well and his lungs are clear. He is also up to 11 pounds 13 ounces!

Here are some new pictures of our little man...

Send Xanax, wine and/or chocolate!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

I Confess...

I was inspired by Erin's post last week after reading some of her recent confessions. Considering so many of Erin's confessions were similar to mine I have a few myself I thought I'd share. Plus, I have a lack of creativity along with lack of sleep.Check out Erin's confessions here.

Here goes...

- My kitchen looks like a tornado hit on a daily basis. I seriously dislike a messy kitchen BUT these days... Oh well,  I'm too tired to care.

- Speaking of tired..I really, no I mean REALLY,  REALLY miss caffeine. I gave up caffeine the day I found out I was pregnant. I had a severe migraine for a week and haven't had any since. I didn't crave it at all when I was pregnant but I NEED it now. The 3am and 6am wake up calls have taken a toll.

- I haven't worn anything other than black, dark colors, long scarves and cardigans to hide this post preggo body. I have no idea what I'm going to do when the weather gets nicer in a few weeks.

- I feel guilty every time I put my little man down. When we are with family and they are playing pass the baby I miss him even when I'm in the same room with him.

- I take pictures and over share Jack's face all over Facebook and Instagram. I'm not sorry about it at all either!

- I look like this.  I'm heavier than I've ever been. I look exhausted all the time. I can't stand how bad or heavy I look but I remind myself Jack was worth it all.  My body did amazing things. I need to give myself a break. There will be plenty of time for me to work out soon.

- I've been having terrible nightmares lately. I think I'm stressing over going back to work soon.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Little Pot of Gold

Talk about smiling Irish eyes. It's funny because my little Italian/Irish baby looks more Irish every day. I think I see some hints of red or strawberry blond in his eyebrows. His hair still looks dark like daddy's hair. His eyes are definitely a gray, blue just like mine.

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all. Today Jack and I will be laying low. We got to celebrate with my parents yesterday and enjoyed corned beef, cabbage and soda bread too.